SPICi:   Speed and Performance In Clustering

SPICi (pronounced "spicy") is a fast local network clustering algorithm. SPICi runs in time O(Vlog V +E) and space O(E), where V and E are the number of vertices and edges in the network. It also has state-of the-art performance with respect to the quality of the clusters it uncovers. The source code of SPICi could be found in Downloads section; or you could try it online with the form below. The help content of each field will be displayed upon mouse over.

minimum cluster density [0-1]
minimum support threshold [0-1]
minimum cluster size
Graph mode
    0: sparse graph
    1: dense graph
    2: large sparse graph

Input: Each line represents one edge in the format of ID_A  ID_B  weight, separated by space or tab.
A  B  0.7
C  D  0.9
Output: Each line represents a cluster. Gene names are separated by tab.