bZIP Coiled-Coil Scoring Form

The bZIP-score program can be used to score possible bZIP pairings. It is based on the methods described in the following papers:

Jessica H. Fong, Amy E. Keating and Mona Singh, "Predicting specificity in bZIP coiled-coil protein interactions," Genome Biology, Volume 5, Issue 2. [Link to GenomeBiology]

Mona Singh and Peter S. Kim, "Towards predicting coiled-coil protein interactions," in Proceedings of the 5th Annual International Conference on Computational Molecular Biology, ACM 2001:279-286. [Link to ACM]

Please cite the above papers if you use this program.

This program has been designed for predicting bZIP coiled-coil interactions. While it may be used for general coiled coil partner prediction, we have not tested performance. To detect coiled-coil motifs in a sequence, please use the PairCoil or MultiCoil programs.

For questions about the computational method, send mail to us at: bzip at

Please enter two sequences, in their interaction alignment, and registers below in plain text format. For more information, please see the documentation of this page.

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